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Apr 25, 2010 6:30pm EDT
needed help. >>> president obama traveled to west virginia to offer support for the families of april 5th mine disaster. no one can bring the 25 miners back, the president said but the administration will work to make sure no one else dies from a miners accident. >>> senator bob mcculskie said it was important for the mourners to remember the plane crash. the president was there to pay tribute to thousands of troops who died in a massacre nearly 80 years ago. >>> tim williams reports, rain did not stop the roar of volunteers. >> reporter: despite gray skies and rain, the weather was no match for the cause. >> i'm glad some of the people came. and it's a lot of fun. the weather is nice. >> reporter: more than a thousand family members and friends came to roar for autism. >> maybe, just maybe soon we'll understand what causes autism. >> reporter: it's the sixth annual event and every year it's held at oregon park. it's a day to play, hike, or ride a bike. >> enjoy your family while you are raising awareness and support for autism. >> and we are directly raising dollars that support autism r
Apr 4, 2010 6:30pm EDT
previous title games, they've lost all four. they moved to a chance to light up west virginia from outside the out and led by john's 23 points and they tied a record by dropping 13 free pointers an now, they'll try to shoot down the bulldogs on monday night. yeah, it will be a big story, i'm sure, people are calling butler the cinderella and duke the big time program. it's going to be a fight. thigh eve earned all they've achieved and they're guys you look up to. they write the books and i get to read them. and the bulldogs had a great defense i have effort -- defensive effortyesterday. they'll have a game time decision also about the concussion -- >> and that's the game tomorrow, butler and duke. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m.. >>> and with the oh's -- o's start two days away, they designated the infielder robert odino for aitem and they'll start tonight 15 dl list with a sore hamstring. they'll start tuesday in tampa against the ray's and baltimore's home opener is friday. you can catch it on wjz for a pregame show and the game's first pitch at 3:05 against the blue jays. also, i want
Apr 18, 2010 6:30pm EDT
and frost advisories and they're in the panhandles of west virginia and we'll see breezes again and bringing us dry conditions and the low is to the north east. we'll talk about it coming up. >>> friends with two legs and four stepped out in druid hill park today. and the spca held a march for animals and some came out with the walkethon, there are also scaly animals enjoying the action with a hat on. i've never seen that before. well, it raises money for homeless animals around the area. >>> minutes away, more violence at the mexican border. this man hits the gas and leads the police on a race. >>> a tax free retail week is underway in baltimore, i'm tim williams and we'll have more on what that means to the economy. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a border check turns dangerous. investigators say that a driver in his 50s arrived from mexico with no identification and the police asked him to pull into an inspection area and he sped away and crashed into the barrier and he ran into reverse and hit an agent and the suspect suffered a gunshot wound. >>> and while the pope meets with victims of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3